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Zeeba was born in San Diego, USA, but his parents are Brazilians. He spent his childhood in São Paulo, and at the age of 14 he started to write his own songs. He got so close to music that he decided to study at the “Musicians Institute”, in LA, and to be a professional musician. He chose to write his songs in English, because of his intimacy with the language. 


Before moving forward with his solo career and do some important collaborations with huge international names of the electronic music, Zeeba won a Grammy Amplifier Award in California, one of the most wanted awards in the music scenario. At that time, he had a band called Bonavox. Every year about 10 thousand bands try to win this award. When he moved to Brazil, at the beginning of 2016, Zeeba was introduced to DJ Alok, during one of his works in the studio with Bruno Martini. Together, the three of them released the electronic version of the songs “Hear Me Now” and “Never Let Me Go”. 


Even though he’s only 25 years old, the singer and composer is on top of the list of the 30 Brazilians that are most listened to in the world, according to a list released by the Billboard Magazine on October 2017. His success acquired with the hit “Hear Me Now” comes followed by Astrud Gilberto and Roberto Carlos on the same list. On July, 2017, the artist was awarded in Italy, winning a Double Platinum Record, and in France with a Golden Record. “Hear Me Now” has passed 300 million plays on Spotify – the song has broken the record of the platform – and 230 million views on the music video at the Spinnin Records official channel. 


His success kept growing with the song “Never Let Me Go”, which received a Platinum Record in Brazil. The song “Sun Goes Down” was also a Golden Record winner, and “Found U”, a collaboration with the DJ and producer Dimmi is also on the most wanted songs list in the country. Zeeba began 2018 releasing a new song with Bruno Martini called “With Me”, that also had a special touch by Timbaland, Coldplay’s producer. 


Another collaboration with Alok and Iro was released: “Ocean”. The song has already overpassed 30 million plays, only on Spotify. Zeeba has already performed at the biggest stages and festivals around the world. He is now dedicating his time to his solo career, preparing new songs with his authentic pop style, mixing organic and electronic sounds.

Zeeba - Grammy Amplifier Winner with Bonavox

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